Sunday, November 13, 2011

I missed you my love...

Hey...all... I mean literally i was feeling terrible for not being able to post anything from past 1 month and more....Trust me it was a hectic month coz there was diwali, In-laws coming in and then work . So enough of excuses, lets get to the point. 

My camera is behaving very strange these days, it's not able to click more 50  shots . whole issue is it doesn't operate with lithium battery , and cell batteries are pain in the wrong place. Any who I have decided in couple of months ,I will buy a D-SLR . Planning to buy a Cannon D550 , any other suggestions would be awesome .

In between, my favorite blogger Maegan uses Nikon , So kinda confused. :(. Budget and gadget should be matching though. One more exciting thing is that I am writing a newsletter for my group. And my most time is invested in that too. But I will do the outfit post soon. Hope you guys are not bored with my excuses and confusions. And still I love you all be happy and healthy dearies.