Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reunite with college friends

I am  wearing:
T-Shirt: TRADUS.IN(Rs.250 on sale )
Blue Jeans : Levis Signature (Rs.1000)
Shoes: wearing Jhutti...for Rs 250 from street market.
Belt: export house for Rs.100.
Nailpolish: Colorama (yellow) and Flormar Neon color Orange

Today I was supposed to meet my college friends , after almost 5 years. So I had to get dressed in something Im comfortable and easy . Because I had no idea how long it may go. So decided to wear Black Tee and Blue jeans a classic combination , which never fails to flatter me !!!!

when I was about to rush quickly decided that , I can take few shots . So took this clicks in front yard.
till next post , hope all are happy and healthy .... Love><


  1. you have very nails nail shape!
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  2. Lovely outfit! Love your shoes!

  3. Love the Shoes ! They are great !
    Love S.
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  4. Thank you for your precious comments