Saturday, September 17, 2011

I wanna cry

I was totally upset today, when I saw my pics as they turned out . Now I have decided that I will always click  in the morning , coz evening Shots somehow dint turn out good . Though this was the first time that clicked at 5.30pm.

And now the reason why I clicked so late , only because today is Saturday and I work out in Gym for longer time than usual.when came back was feeling tired as completely exhausted.Totally pissed off on my laziness and sorry for the bad post. If I wanted I could have not posted this. But I want to get into the hang of this , as this is new and when I see all the lovely comments around my post I feel good ..... It gives me high.And thanks for all those who took time and visited my blog and have given their precious comments. Hope not disappoint you people...

Still I cooked in the afternoon and made a lovely lunch , in fact a yummy one.Cooking is such a stress buster. I know for some,it is stress ;).... ha ha..I have not given the details of the out fit as its not clearly visible . Till the next post hope all are happy and healthy.

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