Saturday, September 3, 2011

I like what I do

Love of life .... My daughter... always with me and loves getting clicked too<3

Top: Debinhams,(Rs.1000),Skirt: Flea Market(Rs.250),Belt:Big Bazaar(Rs.90),
Shoes:Gift from my dear friend
OK!!!!!... So here comes my first outfit post, Now if somebody asks me how it feels , then my answer would be "hmm mm... Awesome". Total time taken : 30 min to click , edit and write.
And I'm feeling good as, started gym today and slowly i can hear my body saying"you stupid girl, never realized that eating crappy food all time , can literally give you some weight and pain", So my take on this to my body , " I apologize and I'll take care of you and be back to track in some months ... :(".... Enough of me and my body .... Hope all is well everywhere... Love<3

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