Sunday, September 25, 2011

So My weeekend!!!!!!!! was like this .....

Its been a lazy weekend , thought would not post anything on my blog , but Im so much in love with Blogging , that could nt help but write one.

and you guys can follow me on facebook too , in ... would expect you guys to like my page ... <3

Ok the above pic is of my daughter , I tried to make a french braid and was quite successful in that ... So I was super happy.Soon would make some informative posts in my blog, not only would help you people , and also increase my understanding on those through your comments .. Now I think enough of blabbing .... Hope you guys had amazing weekend and you all are happy and healthy...<3

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reunite with college friends

I am  wearing:
T-Shirt: TRADUS.IN(Rs.250 on sale )
Blue Jeans : Levis Signature (Rs.1000)
Shoes: wearing Jhutti...for Rs 250 from street market.
Belt: export house for Rs.100.
Nailpolish: Colorama (yellow) and Flormar Neon color Orange

Today I was supposed to meet my college friends , after almost 5 years. So I had to get dressed in something Im comfortable and easy . Because I had no idea how long it may go. So decided to wear Black Tee and Blue jeans a classic combination , which never fails to flatter me !!!!

when I was about to rush quickly decided that , I can take few shots . So took this clicks in front yard.
till next post , hope all are happy and healthy .... Love><

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I wanna cry

I was totally upset today, when I saw my pics as they turned out . Now I have decided that I will always click  in the morning , coz evening Shots somehow dint turn out good . Though this was the first time that clicked at 5.30pm.

And now the reason why I clicked so late , only because today is Saturday and I work out in Gym for longer time than usual.when came back was feeling tired as completely exhausted.Totally pissed off on my laziness and sorry for the bad post. If I wanted I could have not posted this. But I want to get into the hang of this , as this is new and when I see all the lovely comments around my post I feel good ..... It gives me high.And thanks for all those who took time and visited my blog and have given their precious comments. Hope not disappoint you people...

Still I cooked in the afternoon and made a lovely lunch , in fact a yummy one.Cooking is such a stress buster. I know for some,it is stress ;).... ha ha..I have not given the details of the out fit as its not clearly visible . Till the next post hope all are happy and healthy.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

YAY!!!!!!!! its Saturday....:-*

I like the Joker Neck piece <3

Cute little distractions<3 while clicking

Tank Top(,Pants from Westwood:Rs.1000,Shoes:Catwalk(Rs.399 on sale),Coat : Flea Market Rs250, Black beaded necklace:Rs.199(New U store),Joker Necklace:Rs79(Reliance Store), Bracelet(don't remember where did I get it :(
Super happy to wake up on Saturday and get ready for a blog post..:). OK my day started with pain as we know that Im exercising and women !!! its difficult . But still was waiting entire week, just to, make blog post . Some how these days cant think anything else apart from my blog. Was also thinking of hiring a web designer to make my blog look more beautiful.Funny thing is, my job needs me to think about how to improve our website and I want implement and experiment through my blog. 

These days getting a little inspired by make up tutorials too. Don't be surprised to see a blog post on the same.
And meanwhile , I was picking an outfit for the post and felt that , I need to Shop!!!!(hope its not an excuse for shopping :P)... BYE till next post. Till then hope all are happy and healthy <3

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Image courtesy :Delias Store website
Hey ALL!!!!!.... Spotted this on various celebrities, and kinda looks cute tooo. and for fall i believe that it would be great for pop of color, like we can pair red color  jeans with grey tank top and black coat... with nice shawl rapped arround neck..... im so excited and will pick one up for myself for sure.

And not only in west but in India , I have seen celebrities spotting this , like Katrina Kaif wearing it couple of TV shows ,to promote her movie. Im sure it would not be replacement for evergreen Blue Jeans , but good as an option!!!!!!!

And on gym ... I have skipped it for today coz ... my ,muscles are hard as brick and yelling at me ... huhh and monthly time... in total great weekend guys!!!!! huhhhh

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I like what I do

Love of life .... My daughter... always with me and loves getting clicked too<3

Top: Debinhams,(Rs.1000),Skirt: Flea Market(Rs.250),Belt:Big Bazaar(Rs.90),
Shoes:Gift from my dear friend
OK!!!!!... So here comes my first outfit post, Now if somebody asks me how it feels , then my answer would be "hmm mm... Awesome". Total time taken : 30 min to click , edit and write.
And I'm feeling good as, started gym today and slowly i can hear my body saying"you stupid girl, never realized that eating crappy food all time , can literally give you some weight and pain", So my take on this to my body , " I apologize and I'll take care of you and be back to track in some months ... :(".... Enough of me and my body .... Hope all is well everywhere... Love<3