Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Its been long time that I have been MIA and there is a reason . But now I really want keep up with the pace. And the more exciting news is you guys can follow me on Instagram now @stylenoage. Hope I get to see you guys there :)

LUV.. Stylenoage.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Long time ... And that was no fun...

Saree : Stolen from mom

What a month was December and January... busy like crazy.. got to meet mum and dad after long time, caught up with friends, new year.. and by the way Followers and friends "A Very Happy New Year" , this is so funny that a month in new year is already over and Im wishing you all now.. Somebody has to be late , let it be me  :)

Year ended last week in work, So was caught in finishing the projects and deadlines. So I could still made time for blog .. but my bad .. that Im being lazy . 

Since writing a post after long time .. nothing coming in my mind.. feels like im empty. Loads of love till next post <3

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Worth a watch .. ;)

After seeing this ... i just couldnt stop laughing ... :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daily Experiences... :)

Hi All,

Hope all well in the world, I was just thinking on blog content , that I love to do fashion blog and also want to share the experience of my life in and out daily basis , I don't to make another blog on life of mine , I want this to more neat , fun and some thing that a reader or follower wants to look forward too. Where I would love to share the experiences of  Fashion , DI Y's , trends , I also want to share the experiences of life which I experience in daily basis . Hopefully I would be able to do that . 

Any ways when I come to this outfit , I'm obsessing over the MANGO jeans I got 2 weekends ago , I just think about how to dress up with this , I think it happens with all , where anything we buy new, we obsess over it for good time ,till we buy something new, isn't it ?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I missed you my love...

Hey...all... I mean literally i was feeling terrible for not being able to post anything from past 1 month and more....Trust me it was a hectic month coz there was diwali, In-laws coming in and then work . So enough of excuses, lets get to the point. 

My camera is behaving very strange these days, it's not able to click more 50  shots . whole issue is it doesn't operate with lithium battery , and cell batteries are pain in the wrong place. Any who I have decided in couple of months ,I will buy a D-SLR . Planning to buy a Cannon D550 , any other suggestions would be awesome .

In between, my favorite blogger Maegan uses Nikon , So kinda confused. :(. Budget and gadget should be matching though. One more exciting thing is that I am writing a newsletter for my group. And my most time is invested in that too. But I will do the outfit post soon. Hope you guys are not bored with my excuses and confusions. And still I love you all be happy and healthy dearies.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Color me white !!!!!!!!

T-shirt: Reliance trends,
Jeans : Levis
Falts: Catwalk
Bag:Flea Market
bracelet: Flea market

When I picked up this white top to wear .. No wear in my mind I had that i would pair everything with white . Earlier I used to just avoid white somehow . And there is no partiular reason , But eventually I found that more or less, I have a lot of things which are in shades of white.

This outfit is to go for shopping , for the festives coming ahead. a dress for my daughter,and some lightings and gift items.So hopeful to get the best.,wish me luck.

I was going through the Article of blogger Maegan, about being curvy for a white , is big deal , If you want to check it out    <a href="http://www.lovemaegan.com/2011/10/society-on-curves-on-white-women.html" target="_blank">here</a>

On that note hope all are happy and healthy... love<3

One day at a time....

lol... look at my daughter , she is wondering what am I doing?

Purple Top: Flea Market(Rs.200)
Black Jeggings:Cloth shop(Rs 1000)
Shoes: Bruno Martinee(Rs 900)
Bracelet: gifted.
necklace:Dont remember from where..:(
Bag : Lifestyle( Baggit) Rs. 1600.

Today is Saturday and I woke with complete dedication for making a blogpost.May be I thought so in night and morning 5 o'clock my eyes were wide open... tried taking nap.. no go..:(.Finally woke up at 7 and got ready and off to gym.
Came back and got ready for blog.

All this while I was missing doing this, got a lil busy with my work and my -in-laws would be visiting me on monday and they would have stay for month. So would have jam packed month with festivals arround.But Still will upload all the day to day post on blog. If not an outfit post.

Hope you guys are  not bored, as winter is on doorstep , time for wardrobe change , but still will try to utilize summer ones. Lets see.

I came accross this wordings by Abraham Lincoln, that - " Best thing about Future is, it comes one at a time". With this note signing off.. hope all are happy and healthy... love